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Using a microphone on an old cassette deck?

I have an old cassette deck that has RCA type inputs for recording from other devices, but it has no specific microphone input jack. Is there any type of microphone that I can plug into the RCA type inputs?

RCA Inputs are line level inputs. That means that the signal level expected is higher than those produced by a passive microphone. What you need is a pre-amp that is connected to your microphone and the output of the pre-amp into the RCA line in.

You may be able to find microphone with a built-in pre-amp that will boost the signal to line level.

Additional Notes:

Check your hifi set or VCD/DVD player, some of them may have mic in (Karaoke type). If there is, you can put the mic to your hifi (or VCD/DVD) system and use the line out of the hifi (or VCD/DVD) system into your cassette deck's line in. That should work too.

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